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Spousal Protection and Order of Protection Enforcement for Divorce & Violent Spouses/Exes

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Spousal Protection And Order Of Protection Enforcement Services For Divorce & Violent Spouses/Exes

Spousal protection against violent partner
Order of Protection Enforcement by Valle Services
Order of protection enforcement by Valle Services

You always hope that separations will go smoothly and individuals will part amicably, but we understand that this isn’t always the case. You may have married a volatile and potentially violent person. That could be a big reason for your separation, and you can’t expect a person to change for the better when it comes time to file for divorce.

Valle Services helps when your spouse or ex has a bullying, win-at-all-costs mentality. If you fear for your personal safety, and that of your loved ones, contact us immediately to help you through the situation.

We offer a wide variety of services for spousal separation. From 24/7 protection, to home security consultation and escorts for gathering belongings. We are highly trained to safely protect you during these volatile times. Additionally, we can assist you and your attorneys throughout the course of any legal battles that may ensue.

Why do you need It?

There are several compelling reasons why these services are essential:

  • Immediate Safety Assurance: Spousal Protection services provide immediate safety for individuals who feel threatened or are at risk of harm from a current or estranged partner.
  • Enforcement of Legal Orders: An Order of Protection (restraining order) is a legal measure designed to prevent one person from harming or approaching the person who secured the order. However, the mere issuance of such an order may not be sufficient to deter some perpetrators.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that a professional security service is enforcing a protection order or providing personal protection can significantly reduce stress and anxiety for the threatened individual.
  • Professional Intervention: Trained security personnel can handle potentially dangerous situations with the necessary expertise and calm, reducing the risk of escalation. They can also serve as a neutral third-party witness to any breach of the protective order, which is crucial in legal proceedings.
  • Comprehensive Support: Spousal Protection and Order of Protection Enforcement services often include additional support measures, such as security consultations, safety planning, and coordination with local law enforcement, further enhancing the safety and security of the protected individual.
Domestic Violence Protection Services

Our Spousal Protection Include:

  • Protection from Violent Husbands or Wives
  • Domestic Violence Protection Services
  • Order of Protection Enforcement
  • Home Security Consultation
  • Subpoena and Restraining Order Service
  • Secure Escorts
  • Hidden Asset Location
  • Threat Assessment
  • Records Acquisition
  • Trial Preparation
  • Professional Interview
  • Stalker Protection

Why Contact Valle Services?

Whether it’s security, crowd control, traffic management, theft prevention, check-in support, or disaster preparedness, our team stands ready to ensure that your event is secure and operates as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to learn how our decades of experience makes Valle Services the only choice to serve your event staffing needs. Contact us today for a free initial evaluation and proposal.

With more than 40 years of experience in crowd control, security protocols, and overall safety, Hector Garcia, CEO of Valle Services, has spent his career managing crowds ranging from 50 people to 200,000 people in major U.S. cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas, Arlington, Austin, Dallas, Houston and more. His success and reputation garnered the interest of the local media, who look to him as an expert regarding crowds, public safety, and security standards.

Hector Garcia
Valle Services CEO – Hector Garcia

Valle Services is a premier security and event staffing management agency with over 45 years of expertise. Our services range from armed and unarmed security, mobile patrols, off-duty police and military personnel, to guest services and event staff.

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