We Offer a Comprehensive Range of Security Consulting Services

Risk management is activity directed towards the assessing, evaluating, measuring, and ultimately mitigating risk to an acceptable level. Risks can come from client activity, associates, accidents, natural causes, human error, and intentional acts. In some cases, the acceptable risk may be near zero.

Choosing a professional security consultant to address security threats or concerns is an investment in your organization’s future that can minimize potential loss. 

As local and world threats are constantly changing, your organization should put a security process in place that continuously manages new types of risks. 

Organizations, institutions, businesses, and communities throughout the United States face security threats every day. Security vulnerabilities or breaches in security can have a major impact on your organizations’ viability and ability to operate.  The cost of even a temporary interruption in business can be devastating to any organization.

ABC News consults with event security expert and founder of Valle Services, Hector Garcia.

Understanding that the world is constantly changing and knowing the threats that we face, assessments, and implementation of a plan play a critical role in today’s world. It is prudent to plan for a range of scenarios and to re-evaluate your security risk on a continuous basis.

As premier security consultants, Valle Services provides experienced professional security consulting services and risk assessments for all your security needs for your construction site, event, concert, festival, hotel, hospital, office or structure.  Our world-class security experts are here to help prevent and navigate risk with professional security consulting services.

Nationally recognized as leaders in security consulting and vulnerability assessments.  Valle Services helps to identify an organizations security needs in order to provide an emergency action plan.

Our Security Consulting Services Include:

  • Security needs analysis

  • Vulnerability assessment

  • Vulnerability testing

  • On-site security surveys

  • Internal security evaluation

  • Pre-construction security consultation

  • Event planning security consultation

  • Threat risk assessment and evaluation

  • Crowd control planning

  • Corporate business surveillance

  • Executive protection plan

  • Pre-employment screening

  • Security planning and implementation

  • Security procedure and protocal development

  • Perimeter protection

  • Access control

  • Visitor management plan

  • Intrusion detection

  • Surveillance consulting

  • Disaster preparedness

  • Disaster recovery plan

  • Security staff training

  • Counter-terrorism and threat mitigation

  • Private Investigation

  • Polygraph examinations

  • Background checks

Crowd control for sporting events & street festivals
Concert security and staff by Valle Services

Security Consulting Process:

Event screening of people and packages
Private and public event security services
Chicago private and public event security services

1. We Assess Your Situation and Exposure to Risk 

Security consulting typically starts with a security audit, where we will make an assessment of your security risk.  A security audit involves reviewing company policies, procedures, systems, and processes, as well as an examination of your physical location(s).  This summary is then used to identify your organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities that should be considered.

2.  Evaluate and Recommend  

With the security assessment complete we evaluate that information to create a recommended plan of action.  The Valle Services security consultant team will work with facility managers, operations, architects, engineers, logistics and in-house security to design a prioritized plan to provide maximum protection for your business people and property.

3.  Implement  

We don’t just consult and make security recommendations, we have the people, knowledge, and skills to carry out a professional security plan.  If your in-house team is not sufficient to implement the plan Valle services is there to support your organization is any capacity related to your company’s security.

4.  Test and Review  

Once people, systems, equipment, and processes in place, it’s important to test them.

Valle Services can conduct security tests to ensure that your assets are protected and that the security plan is working in the manner intended.   With natural and man-made threats occurring more often, your organization should have a detailed and practical business continuity plan in place.


We understand that each client’s needs are unique.  That’s why our security consulting services are extremely flexible.  When making recommendations, we’ll work within your budget – making every effort to utilize your in-house resources.  Once we’ve properly assessed your situation, we’re capable of implementing the recommendations or leaving it to your internal team to execute. 

Whether you’re running a business that needs to protect its employees or you want around-the-clock security at your personal residence, we can help you. By providing you with our security risk assessment services, surveillance contracting, private investigation, and other services, we can decipher whether your business or residence is adequately prepared for any security threat.  We secure organizations from security threats ranging from terrorists to other types of security issues such as robbery, theft, and violent crime.

Before making decisions that could cost your business it’s safety, livelihood, or reputation contact us!  We’re here to work alongside you to find the right solution for your organization. Our team includes a cross-section of industries, skills, and experiences (including off-duty and retired police and military).  Our ability to act swiftly and expertly makes us a very wise and cost-effective choice for your organization’s security needs. 

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