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Elite Bodyguard Services for Unmatchable protection Trusted  by VIPs and Celebrities

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Our founder Hector Garcia on ABC News

Personal Protection Services Trusted By VIPs and Celebrities

At Valle Services, we provide exceptional personal protection for celebrities, athletes, and public figures. Our services include discreet, armed escort services both domestically and internationally, ensuring the utmost safety for our clients and their loved interactions. We understand that security is more than just physical safety; it also involves protecting your privacy from the press, paparazzi, and other intrusive entities.


Our experienced team of security specialists plays a crucial role in averting incidents that could impact you financially, professionally, and personally. We ensure the safety of your public appearances and secure your home and travel arrangements to safeguard against any potential threats.


Confidentiality is at the core of everything we do at Valle Security. Our service agreements feature a confidentiality clause to protect your privacy and maintain your professional image at all times. We offer customizable protection plans that provide 24/7 security tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Hector Garcia bodyguard for Henry Winkler founder of Valle Services
Hector Garcia of Valle Services providing security services to POP

Protection Services Include:

  • Business Executive and Dignitary Escorts
  • Family and Asset Protection
  • Armed and Unarmed Protection
  • Executive Drivers
  • Threat Assessment
  • Private Flight Arrangements
  • Secure Lodging Accommodations
  • Business, Home, and Social Protection
  • Special Events
  • Discreet Evacuations
  • Bulletproof Transportation
  • Personal Security

Why Contact Valle Services?

Whether it’s security, crowd control, traffic management, theft prevention, check-in support, or disaster preparedness, our team stands ready to ensure that your event is secure and operates as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to learn how our decades of experience makes Valle Services the only choice to serve your event staffing needs. Contact us today for a free initial evaluation and proposal.

With more than 40 years of experience in crowd control, security protocols, and overall safety, Hector Garcia, CEO of Valle Services, has spent his career managing crowds ranging from 50 people to 200,000 people in major U.S. cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas, Arlington, Austin, Dallas, Houston and more. His success and reputation garnered the interest of the local media, who look to him as an expert regarding crowds, public safety, and security standards.

Hector Garcia
Valle Services CEO – Hector Garcia

Valle Services is a premier security and event staffing management agency with over 45 years of expertise. Our services range from armed and unarmed security, mobile patrols, off-duty police and military personnel, to guest services and event staff.

Minority-Owned and Operated

BBB Accredited Business

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