Emergency Response
and Disaster Recovery

Each year, disasters put thousands of people in danger. When life is interrupted by disaster, people and businesses need help, communities need to be rebuilt, and peace needs to be maintained. 

Major civil action and disturbances occur frequently throughout the world due to political, religious, ideological, and other reasons. Mass protests and demonstrations can become violent and place your organization and people at risk.

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, and earthquakes create a security risk for business industry and government agencies.  Tragically, entities, organizations, and people are left vulnerable to looting and violence in cities where mother nature or terrorist threat has already caused significant chaos.

In today’s dynamic global environment, it is critical to have contingencies in place in the event of an act of terrorism, natural disaster, man-made catastrophe or any other unpredictable crisis.

Valle Services Emergency Response Planning Services team can work with you to prepare for – and respond to – any emergency situation.  We can map out your emergency response procedures and requirements in advance of incidents so you’re prepared for the unexpected as much as possible, and to mitigate any damages when the unforeseeable occurs.

We’ve helped prepare disaster management plans and executes disaster recovery solutions for all kinds of catastrophes. Our services can protect company assets and employees nearly anywhere in the country.

Valle Services Emergency Response Security teams are prepared for rapid deployment wherever and whenever crises occur.  Our team incorporates a network of trained personnel who understand infrastructure protection, enabling us to work effectively.  Our ability to manage small to large scale, complex incidents is world-class and exceeds industry standards for security emergency preparedness, management, and disaster recovery.

Providing Emergency Response Planning & rapid response services for:






In the event of an emergency, Valle Services team is staffed by highly trained officers who are ready to assist your business or community with rapid and flexible solutions. 

Our disaster preparedness and pre-emptive emergency response plans developed for your organization take into consideration a wide range of potential needs.

Emergency response staff and security

When planning for or during times of emergency, services we commonly offer to mitigate risk include:

  • Immediate security for emergencies or unexpected situations

  • Support from armed or unarmed officers, including off-duty and retired police and military

  • Emergency readiness planning services

  • Development of business continuity plans

  • Risk assessments of physical properties, policies, and procedures to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences

  • Site assessments

  • Asset or site protection  (including distribution centers, buildings, equipment, machinery, and technology).

  • Protection services for your employees, subcontractors, vendors, and partners during threats of workplace violence.

  • Armed or unarmed escort services.

  • Protection at residences or offices at set times or on a 24/7 basis.

  • Escort services for transportation of your goods or supplies.

  • Evacuation services for employees and their families.

  • Driver services (armed or unarmed escorts) for the management or high-level executives to or from their home, place of business, plant sites, etc.

  • Executive protection (armed or unarmed) for management and executives when and where it’s needed

  • Surveillance teams (when and where permitted by law) which include trained

  • Surveillance agents to record and document illicit activity

  • Liaising with local law enforcement prior to and during a work action or strike

  • Event Intelligence threat monitoring

  • High-Risk employee termination security

  • Workplace safety training

  • Disaster management & response services

  • Civil unrest & disturbance security

  • Retail security services in the event of alarm failure, natural disasters or civil unrest

  • Command posts and incident command centers

24/7 Security Services for emergencies and disasters

Our emergency response services are available 24/7.   Whether it’s a natural disaster or a community safety threat, our teams are ready to respond.  With backgrounds in law enforcement and the military, the Valle Services team is extremely experienced and equipped to handle the most difficult situations.

Does your business or community have a comprehensive action plan for an emergency or natural disaster security?  Let Valle Services review your business continuity plan or emergency readiness plan to address potential security concerns before the situation arises.

Call our security consultants to assess, discuss and develop your emergency procedures and disaster security plans: (847) 202-9000

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Whether it’s security, crowd control, traffic management, theft prevention, check-in support, or disaster preparedness, our team stands ready to ensure that your venue operates smoothly and is as secure and well run as possible. Contact us to learn how our decades of experience serving the marketplace while focused on the customer experience makes Valle Services the premier choice to serve your businesses or venue’s needs. Contact us today for a free initial evaluation and proposal.