States, counties and cities have implemented Covid-19 mandates for businesses and public gatherings and these protocols need to be managed.  Let Valle Services develop, manage and staff your Covid-19 Protocol at your office, restaurant, concert or event and ensure the safety of your customers, guests and employees.

Specialized COVID-19 Services

Temperature Screening

Checking the temperature of staff and customers prior to entry is one way to minimize infection and provide peace of mind to all involved. Let our staff implement temperature screening for your company.

Crowd Control

Maintaining occupancy limits, enforcing item purchase limits and minimizing foot traffic and dealing with traffic and parking flow all takes skill and diplomacy, especially right now when people are stressed and quick to react. Our trained staff will manage unruly customers and de-escalate possible confrontations resulting in happy staff and customers.


Reduce Liability

Using our staff to manage crowds, social distancing protocols, temperature screenings and other post-quarantine procedures protects your business. By outsourcing these services, you will minimize workman’s compensation claims, and reduce your overall liability by letting us shoulder those burdens.


Social Distancing Management

As outlined by the CDC, a 6-foot span should be maintained between all individuals when in an enclosed area. Let our trained personnel monitor and enforce social distancing for you, while creating an environment where your staff and patrons feel safe.

COVID-19 Consulting

In the event you have your own security staff, we can consult with you and provide you a comprehensive plan for reopening your business, post-quarantine. We will outline the best protocols as referenced by CDC guidelines, and work directly with your staff to train them accordingly.


Armed/UnArmed Security

Depending on the type of business you manage, the need for armed or unarmed security may be the answer for you. Often, the presence of an officer can pose as a deterrence for unwanted behavior in both commercial and residential settings. Our staff of trained officers are often off-duty police and/or military and know how to keep businesses safe.



Why Choose Us?

With more than 40 years’ experience in crowd control, security protocols and overall safety, Hector Garcia, CEO of Valle Services has spent his career managing crowds ranging from 200,000 people to 50 people in major US cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston and more. His success and reputation garnered the interest of the local media, who look to him as an expert when it comes to crowds, public safety and security standards. Our team is working with the CDC and local authorities to develop the proper procedures for every type of industry. Let us apply this expertise to your business during these trying times.